Base Pricing

$60     • • • •    Base Touch-up Color

$95     • • • •    Full Color

$75     • • • •    Partial Highlights

$95     • • • •    Full Highlights

$135   • • • •    Color & Highlights

Color Corrections - By Consultation Only

Prices may increase due to length & amount of color required


Expert  Wella  Colorist  & Highlight Specialist

Marissa  loves enhancing  the natural beauty of her clients by giving them color that compliments their skin tone and brings out the best in their haircut. Each client inspires her differently, and she doesn’t use the same techniques on everyone. 

She welcomes the opportunity to push the edge and keep clients “on their toes” with updated color.  And when clients ask to be red, blonde, or a brunette, she’ll dive into her color palette and return with a variety of tones that work together to create a perfectly luminous color custom-tailored for each individual.